PDFs (Leaflets & Chapbooks)

The following leaflets and chapbooks are free to download—however, please consider purchasing hard copies from the stated publishers, or by emailing Penteract Press (penteractpress@gmail.com):

Atlantis Wished / Great Hymn to the Aten
A leaflet pair featuring two Shakespearean sonnets in iambic dimeter. “Atlantis Wished” has anagrammed lines, and “Great Hymn to the Aten” is a palindrome. Purchasable from Penteract Press (August2018)

A nanopamphlet featuring two poems that are perfect anagrams of each other. One is palindromic by letter. Purchasable from Penteract Press (June 2018)

Anagram-Sestina (for Pablo Picasso)
An analysis of the works of Pablo Picasso, written as a sestina whose lines are perfect anagrams. Published by no press (May 2018)

Two poems for the Moon. The first is a palindrome and the second is a perfect anagram of the first. Published by Spacecraft Press (February 2018)

The Lilith Sonnets
Four experimental Shakespearean sonnets concerning paganic mythical figures and magics: A palindrome-by-letter, a palindrome-by-pairs, a palindrome-by-word, and one whose lines are perfect anagrams of each other. Published by no press (January 2018)

Red Piano
A Shakespearean sonnet, aelindromic in the decimal expansion of the twelfth root of two. Also included, exclusive to this PDF, are the visual aelindrome “White Piano” and the score for the musical aelindrome “Black Piano” (which can be listened to here: YouTube). “Red Piano” is purchasable as a leaflet from Penteract Press (January 2018)

Luna Diffuses
A nanopamphlet featuring two palindromic haiku, one a palindrome by word and the other a palindrome by letter, that are perfect anagrams of each other. Purchasable from Penteract Press (October 2017)

“Arrows & Bows”
Four palindromes: one by letter, one by pairs of letters, one by triples and one by quartets, each presenting an abstract scene of archery in mediaeval warfare, and each complemented by a concrete poem. Published by Timglaset Editions (August 2017)

Five Leaflets
A free PDF featuring “Aelindromes (φ–π–√2)”, “Wars of the Roses and Thorns”, “The White Whale”, “Mirror, Image”, and “Palindrome-Sestina for Arnaut Daniel”, my five leaflets from Penteract Press (July 2016—August 2017)

Mirror, Image
Two constrained works combining anagrams and palindromes, and which take inspiration from optical phenomena. The first work features two palindromic sonnets that are perfect anagrams of each other. The second features four shorter poems, all palindromic in various ways, and all perfect anagrams. Purchasable from Penteract Press (August 2017)

Aelindromes (φ–π–√2)
Three ‘aelindromes’: a palindromic variation of mine in which letters are symmetrically parsed according to premeditated sequences–in this case, the decimal expansions of the golden ratio, pi, and the square root of two. Purchasable from Penteract Press (June 2017)

The White Whale
Two poems discussing Ahab’s obsession: The first is a palindrome by letter, the second a palindrome by pairs of letters. The two palindromes are perfect anagrams of each other. Purchasable from Penteract Press (March 2017)

Many Worlds
A palindromic sonnet (word unit) inspired by the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, and by quantum immortality. Purchasable from Spacecraft Press (March 2017)

Five Romantics in Firm Octaves
One palindrome and five Triolets whose lines are perfect anagrams, inspired by the works of five romantic poets. Published by no press (January 2017)

Palindrome-Sestina for Arnaut Daniel
A palindromic sestina, in iambic pentameter and with the form’s end-word pattern intact, in which the twelfth century Occitan troubadour Arnaut Daniel, inventor of the sestina, becomes lost one misty evening…. Purchasable from Penteract Press (January 2017)

Infinite Palindromes
Three ‘infinite’ palindromes. Published by The Blasted Tree (January 2017)

Wars of the Roses and Thorns (A Palindrome-Rondel)
Leaflet featuring a palindromic rondel about the rondel dagger that slew Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field. The palindrome employs the Old English ‘thorn’ in place of the digraph ‘th’. Purchasable from Penteract Press (July 2016)

Anagram-Sonnet for Borges
A Shakespearean sonnet, whose lines are perfect anagrams, taking inspiration from the life and work of Jorge Luis Borges. Published by no press (May 2016)

Three micropoems whose lines are perfect anagrams and whose subject is human exploration of outer space. Purchasable from Spacecraft Press (April 2016)

Two Postcards
‘Anagram-Sonnet for Darwin’ & ‘Palindrome-Sonnet for Schrödinger’. Published by songsofinversion.com