I have five published chapbooks, the latest of which, THE UTU SONNETS, can be purchased here via PayPal for only £3.50 (UK customers) and $7.00USD (non-UK customers). Leave a note saying “utu” and please state if you would like the chapbook signed.

THE UTU SONNETS A sequence of seven highly constrained sonnets, taking inspiration from Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman mythologies. All sonnets are in iambic pentameter; the first is Petrarchan and each of its lines begins with the letter ‘o’; the remaining six, all Shakespearean, consist of: a sonnet of four-letter words; a sonnet of six-letter words, and four types of palindromic sonnet (by-word, by-word-pairs, by-letter, and by-letter-pairs). All seven sonnets are perfect anagrams of each other. Published by Penteract Press (March 2021)

THAUMATURGY, a collection of minimalist sonnets, anagrams, various styles of palindrome, and other short formal poetry. Published by above/ground press (February 2020).

QUARTETS (Now available as a FREE PDF) 28 short poems, employing various constraints (palindromes, anagrams, aelindromes, lipograms, triolets and small sonnets) — and arranged into seven themed “quartets”. Published by Penteract Press (May 2019)

OTHERWORLD (Now available as a FREE PDF) 21 short poems, employing various constraints (palindrome, anagram, aelindrome, tautogram, lipogram, letter-count, homovocalism, ottava rima, triolet and sonnet) — all on the subject of fairytales and folklore. Published by no press (August 2019)

DANSE MACABRE, a collection of 36 poems, featuring minimalist sonnets, triolets, anagrams and various styles of palindrome. Published by above/ground press (December 2018)