PDFs (Collections)

50 Shattered Sculptures: A Miscellany of Experiments Under Constraint
A set of fifty poetic experiments, including anagrams, palindromes and lipograms, composed and posted online between January and November, 2016.

A Dragon in Mars’ Maple Sand
A collection of pulp fiction-inspired palindromic and anagrammatic haiku, also featuring three short stories. Illustrated by Clara Daneri (Clara’s Twitter)

A Loris Abandons an Opera
A collection of experiments in anagrammatic and palindromic forms, in which the ‘heterogeneous palindrome’ is first introduced. Also included are palindromic sonnets and formal poems with anagrammed lines.

101: A Collection of Palindrome Haiku
101 palindromic haiku, plus two ‘integrations’ woven from the haiku: A short palindromic fable and a palindrome-sonnet.